A Life

What is a life?

A means of neurotic dishevelment?
Perhaps a mass of confusion,
only existing for entanglement of purposeless emotion?

What is the emotion?
A hard-ache of lust and care,
with consequences for experience?

Where was I…?
Where was I when it all changed?
When the exuberant care of peers was
given, yet not expected?

Now its expected.
Why? Why? Why?
Why this life…?
Life of disgust and rejection?

Well, fitting in is irrelevant.



Without the life so yearned,
the meaning of positivity
is strongly relapsed;
pleasure is an unknown acquaintance.

Happiness to date is lost,
confined within the walls of a being
served with discontentment.
A deep depression gouging
regret into flesh.

Anesthetization of the mind,
riddled with delirium;
a focus of none other than the
grasp of incongruity.

A longing for something more…

Not At Ease

A constant twitch
of irritability.
Nonsensical thoughts of confusion,
an over bearing tension – a pang.

Needles purging a vein
of life and chemical.
An abnormal path
sets the flow of an innocuous gesture.

With the suction reversed,
a tiny river erupts;
merging air with liquid…
The blood dissipates,
leaving the host uneasy.

Wonder, Wonder…

A shock of truth.
Beyond blackened eyes,
and scorched retinas;
a veil of blood
masks drought
of a dehydrated being.

Lost within,
one can claim – a life less frightening – to a world,
of anguish and terror;
fueled by discrimination
and the lies conveyed in fear.

shattered by truth;
the understanding forgiven,
through trust herein,
only to empower the strength beneath.

With Vindication, We Succeed.

Your claims are false,
as well as you mind.
You point your beliefs
without consideration of vanity.

You know you’re wrong,
but that doesn’t stop you.

So we interrogate your flaws,
and we reap the loopholes.
Constantly, we dig and we dig,
into the abyss called your initiative.

We find no plausibility-
Who would believe you now?
We vindicated our credibility,
and we drug you down.

without your so-called truth.
Vindication is our revenge.

“Only to Suffer”

Neurotic disillusion,
constantly clouding my mind.

There is this sense of agony,
It tells me what to do.
With false hope, my spirits rekindled.

Only to endure the likeness of a gift,
yet to be received.

Pushed day by day,
wringing the life from my hands.
But a light shines, and gives me hope…

Only to suffer again.