With Vindication, We Succeed.

Your claims are false,
as well as you mind.
You point your beliefs
without consideration of vanity.

You know you’re wrong,
but that doesn’t stop you.

So we interrogate your flaws,
and we reap the loopholes.
Constantly, we dig and we dig,
into the abyss called your initiative.

We find no plausibility-
Who would believe you now?
We vindicated our credibility,
and we drug you down.

without your so-called truth.
Vindication is our revenge.


2 thoughts on “With Vindication, We Succeed.

  1. hannah says:

    holy guacamole! dillon i love your poetry its got a beat and flow thats all its own i mean your thoughts on how things are and what goes on are just…i dont even know phenominal, incomparable, enticing, riveting, the list of adjectives goes on.

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