I remember the loneliness.
Though the lack thereof exists,
the entirety fills the air.

Every step out of the door,
change. Change in not who I am,
only in time and reality.

Who did you want me to be?
I remember it all,
the rain falling,
just as I did for you.
I am not alone,
my dear loneliness.

You forgot that I
do not recall the loneliness
that you brought,
with every happenstance;
We let it die,
as if the rain killed the pang.

Dispersed amongst my confusion,
I knew not what I missed.
There was no change;
no change in you –
no change in me.

As if I fell, fell like the rain,
into your softness,
and you buried me in care…
The pleasant blur of gray clouds
and white-washed fibers,
justify our need for the solitary
moments of silence
mistaken for loneliness…

We’re only statues,
our outer clay casings
washed away,
in the swift movement of
an earthbound presence.

I found solace, truth;
truth in you, and truth in me.

Did you think I would feel that way forever,
feel that inept sense of morality and purpose?
My life has forever changed, and the rain continues,
continues to flow,
flow and erase the loneliness.



A man sits in silence,
his world consumed by bitterness.
Alone, he waits;
quietly awaiting the arrival
of his dearly beloved.

Through the emptiness,
he finds redemption;
his strength empowered.
His entirety,
encouraged to pull through;
wait for his angel.

He’s calm.
Only anxious,
in an expressionless face.
Superficially denying
his lack of debauchery-though metaphoric.

As he waits,
he listens.
Listens to himself
and the thoughts that gravely haunt him.
He hears through the words;
now there’s bells in his ears.
Ringing in excitement for the future yet to come.

He found meaning in his distraught;
it enlightened him.

A Sense of Equilibrium

I feel a sense of equilibrium,
from the scale – not too far – from the left,
or the right.

Perched plesantly,
relaxing at 0.


The picking of a flower,
The pull of a trigger.
The fulfillment of giving help.


Are you safe?
No, maybe unsettle?

You’re teetering,
on the edge of nothingness.
Leaning to a life of precarious ideals
with not consideration of possibility.

Are you safe yet?
Never. Only precarious,
with no feelings of condolence.
Pity, just fall down.
You aren’t stable, you won’t survive.

What’s the point?
Maybe you arent worth it.


What have you done?
Did you perceive the worst?
You shoved your beliefs and morals
despite inaccuracy.

So you turned to God?
Has he forgiven you?
God. God makes it right,
For you, again, to commit once more.

Have you forgiven yourself?
Must God be dictator to sin?
You have learned.
Learned to forgive.
Only with the belief in yourself
that you can make it right.

individuality earned you amnesty.