Thanks, but no thanks.

Well, as it’s said,
windows are the eyes
to the soul of the house,
just as eyes
are the window to the soul of a person.
But, no thanks,
the house is more attractive.


One Life To Go

I remember,
the way I felt from afar.
I recall,
the way I was.

Not now,
not then,
never again.
Was I held up high,
in disbelief?
Or thought of so, mistakenly?

Was it purposeful,
no, meant to destroy me;
all that I am?

We cannot keep our peace of mind,
for we have not what is required to survive.
An accident of sorts,
we were embellished in lies.
We couldn’t forge the truth,
so we believed what we knew.

This image, burned on
the pages of my life –
seeps through,
one lesson learned,
one more life to go.

Is it?

It isn’t in your interest to love or understand what I do; its only in your interest to love me for doing it.


It’s going to come around.
As the rain falls down.
Change, with the fallen of angels,
is rearing down.
Change, it’s going to come around.

Embellished as it drops,
change comes around,
given only time.
Fragile – alright.
Never loved,
as the rain falls down.
Change, never came around.