My Life

I live my life day by day,
each waking moment is riddled with
antagonistic thoughts,
as well as progressive ideals.

Yet, I sit here now,
not knowing the basis of my thoughts;
for they are so scattered
I cannot tell dream from reality.

These thoughts build me,
for a more naïve, carefree life
that I wish I had experienced more.

However naïve or careless,
however scattered and confused,
I see my life as an opportunity,
with happiness around every corner.

Sometimes it can be tough,
to sit through the day,
unable to decide how I feel.

Doesn’t quite matter, though;
I live my life with ups and downs,
cheerful at times, morose at others.
Just as everyone else.

The greatest part stands;
my emotion is intact,
and I know I live to
love and laugh another day.


Tell me when you think.

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