As of Today, 9/8/2010

I lay awake at five-thirty in the morning questioning everything I am and everything I know. I know the mistakes I’ve made, and I know who they’ve impacted. I know my face, and the people who see it everyday. As of today, I find myself so greatly appeased by my life, when, in fact, I know very little of the things I do that make it so wonderful. As of today, I know my optimism is stronger than my pessimism, in turn giving me the strength to look beyond Life’s Great Fallacy, and see me for the wonderful person I am – to someone, to everyone, to no one.

I feel I’ve moved on in life just enough to see the importance in everything, as of today. I can clearly see the ambitions I have, the friends I face, and the challenges I must accept. Perhaps, if by some mere chance of happenstance, I was hit by this feeling, awake at five-thirty in the morning, priorly unconscious to the negativity I lorn and the stress I shared.

After this little bit of reflective writing, I strongly believe I can say it’s time to move on, and leave my insecurities to myself.

It’s true what they say, a little happiness goes a long way.


One thought on “As of Today, 9/8/2010

  1. hannah says:

    You have such beautiful insight in your life i’m literally speechless

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