Ode to the Past

The thoughts of the past
linger over my mind,
like clouds on a rainy day.
Where did I go wrong?
Somethings just can’t stand
up to the things I once knew
and loved as if they were a part of me.
Faces of the old and new,
all vagabonds to my limitless
delusions of right and wrong.
Sometimes I just don’t understand;
the things I could’ve done, should have,
now gone and forgotten,
along with myself and the face I once held.
These memories tear through me,
reminding me of a once-and-forgotten lore
of priceless encounters of flesh and blood.
Evermore, things remain the same,
doors opening and closing at will
and hiding things I just can’t hold on to.
Relentless, to say the least.
Just and ode to memories to delusions
I no longer need.


3 thoughts on “Ode to the Past

  1. Jingle says:


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    Happy Wednesday!

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