What is this darkness so calming,
but a facade of alluring desire
mediated by alluded convictions,
so soft and smooth of qualities undefined;
abstracted by the alterations of envy,
this veil of musty cinders so bright,
the grievance so bitter and cumbersome
of afflicted light and distorted clarity.


Sailing Away

We sailed away
this cold winter day,
off to the horizon
into a haze of wonder.

As magic can be,
there’s much more we see.
A tide of rushing whitewater
is all that we need.

Now we see the sun rise,
and as the light fills our eyes
we acknowledge the blue
and peace amongst us.


In my lungs I feel the air,
It’s desperate for release.
My mind is full of words so fair,
the things I wish I could say;
desperately struggling for release,
reluctant to stray away.

Out simple, simpler than they were in,
not strong enough for satisfaction,
though deeply they burn strong within.
I can’t help but feel the power behind us,
strong, unique – the emotions stand,
a fight empowered, everything worth a fuss.

A madness of lore, fairytale per se,
not something worth forgetting,
I wouldn’t live it any other way.
I’m not one for sharing, but I try.
I wish I could say those mysterious things
and give to you the entire sky.


Absolute in nature,
passion is the game.
Indifferent altogether.
Irate – inexistent,
sympathy is promised,
apathy diminished.
Critical to connection,
positively positive.