In my lungs I feel the air,
It’s desperate for release.
My mind is full of words so fair,
the things I wish I could say;
desperately struggling for release,
reluctant to stray away.

Out simple, simpler than they were in,
not strong enough for satisfaction,
though deeply they burn strong within.
I can’t help but feel the power behind us,
strong, unique – the emotions stand,
a fight empowered, everything worth a fuss.

A madness of lore, fairytale per se,
not something worth forgetting,
I wouldn’t live it any other way.
I’m not one for sharing, but I try.
I wish I could say those mysterious things
and give to you the entire sky.


One thought on “Embrace

  1. hannah says:

    baby i love you and you’ve given me so much more than anything i could ask for including the sky. :) you are absolutely amazing

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