Sailing Away

We sailed away
this cold winter day,
off to the horizon
into a haze of wonder.

As magic can be,
there’s much more we see.
A tide of rushing whitewater
is all that we need.

Now we see the sun rise,
and as the light fills our eyes
we acknowledge the blue
and peace amongst us.


3 thoughts on “Sailing Away

  1. Jingle says:

    lovely rhymes…
    Glad to see you shine.

    welcome to our week 10 potluck poetry,
    thanks a lot for the support.

  2. Heart says:

    Lovely, I could feel the moonlight and then the sunrise – both, always like your positive themes Dillon! Dreamer, dreamer.. :)

  3. Jingle says:


    Happy new Year and Merry Christmas!

    Please feel free to claim any awards from the following links..
    love your support. Thanks for the contribution to potluck poetry, link in one if you can today.

    link a poem to potluck to show your support today..

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