A Child’s Tale

The children gather around,
amazed by the gleaming protrusion.
Unaware they stand,
in awe of a world never seen.
With their minds at attention,
their light becomes dull.
A shaking of gravel and sand erupts,
with a cracking their world goes black;
As if under mass confusion,
small beings fall into darkness.
Their emotion withered,
they speak a prayer of solemnity.
Their blurred minds blind them
in spite of their peace.
The flustering unknown
is now their home.

I wrote this poem a while back, sophomore year, as we read Night by Elie Wiesel. The book put very strong images into my head, and inspired me to write a poem, not about Auschwitz, but rather about the suffering of those who did not deserve that kind of end. Looking back this poem is more morbid than I had intended.


One thought on “A Child’s Tale

  1. hannah says:

    wow baby…thats um frightening but in a good way.

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