Sometimes I feel alone, and it isn’t
the easiest way to collect myself.
Sometimes, even, I want your help,
to find clarity, my peace, and the truth.
I know I ask a lot, a lot from you
and a lot from myself. But my mind
is full of thoughts that are bitter;
luckily they never stay, and luckily
you know how to make them go away.
Sometimes things aren’t always “okay”,
sometimes I want that recognition.
Because in my mind and in my heart,
its your words and your expression
that crumble these towers of stacked
emotions. Your words replace the filth
of that tower embroidered in sin, for you,
my dear, are sometimes my worst enemy.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Heart says:

    The depths of hatred and forgiveness bring me to my knees.. Amazing composition!
    And they say you only remember good things about your life.. Talk about selective amnesia..
    You should put this poem on the side bar under “Great Reads” or something Dillion :)

  2. hannah says:

    about me i think. and a lovely poem too. the way the emotions rise and fall is intriguing. i read it thrice over.

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