The Anxiety in Me

Sometimes I feel anxiety
I won’t lie, it’s at your discretion.
I feel it grow and diminish
like our moods, from fun to irate.
That anxiety drives me
into a pool of despair from
knowing you’re out there
without me next to your side.
But through the jealousy
and the pride and the envy
I know you’re right in telling me
that it doesn’t matter at all –
I know where you belong
and you seem to stay there still.
That anxiety struggles for release,
purging back and forth in my skin
wanting nothing but recognition
for I deny it to keep me whole
and to keep you happy.
My anxiety is at your discretion,
whether you know it or not
as it is the metaphor for my hope
that you will stay next to my side,
and our fun will spread again,
and our irritation will fade away
with the anxiety in me.


Tell me when you think.

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