You, ‘Alone’

You’re looking out into a vast opening
The world beyond is filled with obstacles.
What do you see?
The faceless crowd stalks your every move,
all you feel is pain, all you see is them.
Your blind to the reality of what life is,
just standing still facing your ocean
– your faceless crowd.
Your path is blocked by a mob,
all the while your shame and pity consumes you.
You just hope every stranger moves along;
its you, and you alone, against the crowd.
No hope, no help, no hurt – so long as…
So long as you alone face the crowd.


Oh, Joy!

What a life to live, oh, joy, we live today.
These feelings of sorrow.. oh, joy!
I too often am reluctant, I know you see.
Where’s the inclination to help?
wheres the fight, the promise, the need?
Oh, joy! It’s out of sight…
…out of mind.